Pierre Bourquin - Imprimeur industriel de documents transactionnels


Pierre Bourquin is a major and historic national industrial player in the production of pre-printed documents used as a support for transactions and personalized communication by companies and administrations alike: mailings, invoices, statements, delivery notes, etc.


  • 3,500 tons of paper printed annually
  • ISO 9001 certified management since 1997
  • More than 30 printing and finishing machines
  • 6 latest generation 4 to 12 color rotary presses
  • Offset, letterpress, flexo, inkjet technologies...
  • Organization of work in 3×8 shifts
  • Computerized production management
  • Schedule updated in real time by barcode check-in
  • Automated production, packaging and palletizing line for A4 documents
Imprimeur Pierre Bourquin - Documents transactionnels


The A4 sheets are printed on 80 or 90g preprint quality offset paper suitable for high-speed sheet fed laser printers.

Their production is carried out on a dedicated press operating in "reel / cut" mode, fully automated from unwinding to palletizing the boxes of finished products.

Possibilités techniques spécifiques : impression à bords perdus, trous de classement, perforations spéciales, numérotations simples ou complexes ou en-tête entreprise.

Pierre Bourquin's annual production: several hundred million sheets.

Liasses autocopiantes individuelles, en continu, en contisnap…

Les liasses autocopiantes individuelles, en continu (avec bandes carolls) ou en contisnap (collées sur un support en continu) peuvent être personnalisées sur imprimantes impact ou de façon manuscrite. Possibilités techniques spécifiques : Séchage UV, impression jusqu’à 5 couleurs Ro/Vo, trous de classement, perforations spécifiques, numérotations simples en impact, numérotations et/ou codifications complexes en jet d’encre. Production annuelle de Pierre Bourquin : plusieurs centaines de millions de liasses


The pre-printed sheets or bundles assembled in notebooks are intended to be filled in by hand. The sheets of the notebook can be detached individually by means of a perforation. The notebooks are edge stitched with top and bottom covers, interleaving and protective edging.

Pierre Bourquin's annual production: several hundred thousand notebooks.


The labels are produced as continuous fan-folding labels, A4 sheets or reels.

They can be produced on thin, thick, adhesive or non-adhesive materials. They are designed to be individually personalized on impact or laser printers.

Adhesive labels consist of a front and a back. They can be die-cut or simply kiss-cut to size.

Pierre Bourquin's annual production: several hundred thousand labels.


Les bobines pré-imprimées avec ou sans bandes carolls, sont destinées à être personnalisées sur imprimantes laser ou jet d’encre en continu alimentées par des bobines. Production annuelle de Pierre Bourquin : plusieurs centaines de millions de documents livrés en bobines.


A4 sheets or continuous fan-fold labels including adhesive labels or cards integrated into the thickness of the paper and intended to be personalized on a laser printer.

The labels or cards are cut out of the paper.

After customization, the labels can be easily removed from the document and placed on another object.

The cards can be protected by a film on both sides. After personalization they can be easily removed from the document.

Pierre Bourquin's annual production: several million documents with integrated labels or cards.


Single or multi-sheet forms, A4, continuous, in cut bundles or in booklets with a unique traceability code on each of their components in the form of a simple number with or without a control key, barcode, datamatrix code or QR code.

Pierre Bourquin's annual production: several tens of millions of pre-coded documents.


Available as single or multi-leaf, A4, continuous forms, cut sheets or booklets, machine-readable forms are designed to be processed on dedicated readers after they have been personalized. They require optical quality paper, inks of the non-actinic type and a high degree of precision in marking. 


Multi-sheet documents, customizable on a printer or by hand, where 2 of the sheets make up a pocket in which bank cheques, keys, notes or samples can be integrated.

An adhesive strip allows the pouch to be sealed manually after use. Security features can be integrated to make it tamper-proof.


Pierre Bourquin is the sole contact for companies, designing, manufacturing, storing, managing stocks and distributing all their transactional documents to their place of use.


- 3,000 m2 warehouse, 2,600 pallet spaces
- Storage racks on 4 levels
- Secure area for sensitive products
- Computerized location management

Stock management

- Alert threshold by reference
- Automatic replenishment procedures

Gestion des stocks - Pierre Bourquin

Order server

- Access to the electronic product catalogue
- Visualization of printed matter
- Stock consultation
- Online order entry and transmission
- Administration of user accounts
- Integration of business rules
- Approval of orders before transmission
- Support


- Inventory status
- Consumption statistics

The Outsourced Print Logistics Management by Pierre Bourquin Communications: "Transforming logistical constraints into competitive advantages”

- Ordering as needed
- Invoicing on delivery frees up cash from inventory financing
- No non-business investment
- Transformation of fixed costs into variable costs