Industrial printer of secure documents

With 30 years of experience in the field of fiduciary and para-fiduciary printing, Pierre Bourquin is one of the European leaders in anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery printing.

In a fully secure environment, the company produces more than 500 million secure documents each year for the French and international markets.

Pierre Bourquin is the industrial partner of the largest European issuers of restaurant and gift vouchers.

Pierre Bourquin's strengths:

  • 2 production sites of 10,000 and 2,500 m² fully secured (enclosed grounds, vehicle access by badge reading, access control and recording of the building and sensitive areas by biometric recognition, 24-hour video surveillance, intrusion alarms, remote surveillance, etc.)
  • ISO 14298 certification for the production of fiduciary printed matter
  • NF K 11-112 banking certification for the production of standardized bank cheque forms
  • ISO 9001 certification for the general management system
  • Integrated design: Design on specialized software, photocomposition, photoengraving
  • Partnerships with leading European producers of security papers and consumables 
  • A fleet of 6 rotary presses including 2 9 and 12 color rotary presses dedicated to secure products combining offset, letterpress, flexo printing and inkjet technologies.
  • Quality and safety procedures at each industrial stage
  • Control of lock strike destruction
Iso 14298 - Security Printing
afaq - NFK11-112
afaq - Iso 9001

Expert in secure printing

A recognized expert in the field of anti-fraud, Pierre Bourquin assists his clients in analyzing the issues, choosing technologies, designing, printing, storing and transporting.

  • Certificates, Attestations, Receipts, Diplomas, permits, visas, stickers, tax stamps...;
  • Cheques and Banker's Cheques;
  • Restaurant vouchers, gift vouchers, vouchers, coupons;
  • Entrance or access tickets. 

These documents, which are used by the general public on a daily basis, are particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting and falsification.

The security solutions proposed by Pierre Bourquin are based on a combination of processes integrated into the photogravure, paper, printing, holographic foil application, coding, etc.

Safeguards built into the paper
Printed and added safeguards 

Experts en impression sécurisée

Attestations, certificats, diplômes, quittances, vignettes automobiles, cartes, permis, visas, laissez-passer, actes de naissance, extraits d’état civil…

At the cutting edge of innovation, Pierre Bourquin is able to produce all types of administrative documents that are secure against falsification and counterfeiting. Intended for computer or handwritten use, their formats can be adapted to all uses: A4 sheets, self-copying bundles, notebooks, etc. 


Pierre Bourquin produces several hundred million tax stamps and vignettes each year for the European, African and Middle Eastern markets. They can be produced in the form of fan-fold labels screens, A4 sheets or booklets and are printed on gummed paper or front and back adhesive laminates.


With over 400,000 secure restaurant vouchers produced each year, Pierre Bourquin is the French leader in the sector. Printed on fan-fold labels, the restaurant vouchers are intended to be personalized and then processed in the form of booklets or individual stickers. 


Pierre Bourquin produces more than 50,000,000 gift vouchers each year for the largest French issuers. Printed on fan-fold labels, the gift vouchers are designed to be personalized and then shaped into booklets or individual stickers. 


Pierre Bourquin holds the NF K 11-112 certification, which is essential for their production, and prints the cheque bottoms of the issuing banks, which receive them in the form of fan-fold labels or sheets, in accordance with the rules of the art.

Titulaire de la certification NF K11-112 indispensable à leur production, Pierre Bourquin imprime et codifie en caractères CMC7 les lettres-chèques des banques émettrices ou des titulaires de comptes. Les lettres chèques peuvent être produites sous forme de paravents continus, feuilles coupées ou liasses autocopiantes


Pierre Bourquin produces several million tickets each year for federations, sports clubs and show organizers. The tickets are produced on offset or thermal paper. They are delivered in the form of fan-fold labels, booklets or single sheets.



As an industrial partner of the main French and European issuers, Pierre Bourquin customizes, shapes and packages in a highly secure environment more than 300 million payment vouchers and secure documents every year.

Its services have recently been extended to the processing of payment vouchers returned for reimbursement.

Personnalisation des titres - Pierre Bourquin


Pierre Bourquin customizes its customers' pre-printed backgrounds on a range of printers that meet all market requirements: continuous impact, sheet-fed laser, continuous laser/plastic and continuous laser/coils.

Façonnage des titres de paiement


On a fleet of more than 20 state-of-the-art machines, Pierre Bourquin transforms customized sheets or screens into documents cut to size, grouped in booklets or in packs.

Routage des titres de paiement


After personalization and finishing, the sensitive documents are packaged in parcels for delivery to carriers, couriers or in envelopes delivered to the post office and franked in the self-mailer, bulk mail or Tempost mode.

Traitement des retours des titres de paiement


The last link in the chain of services offered to issuers of payment vouchers: the receipt of vouchers returned by merchants, their reading, processing of anomalies, production of files for reimbursement, storage, destruction and recycling.